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Legal Mentions

Heidelberg University Library

  • Address:
    Plöck 107-109
    P.O.B.: 10 57 49
    D-69047 Heidelberg
  • Phone: +49 6221 54 2380
    Fax: +49 6221 54 2623
  • E-Mail
  • Internet: https://www.ub.uni-heidelberg.de/
  • Head Librarian: Dr. Veit Probst
  • Bank connections:
    1. Heidelberg University
      Baden-Württembergische Bank
      Bank code number (BLZ): 600 501 01
      Account number: 7421 5004 36
      Address of Baden-Württembergische Bank:
      Kleiner Schlossplatz 11, D-70173 Stuttgart
      Details for transactions to Heidelberg University from abroad:
      IBAN: DE69600501017421500436
    2. Heidelberg University
      Sparkasse Heidelberg
      Bank code number (BLZ): 672 500 20
      Account number: 21 911
      Details for transactions to Heidelberg University from abroad:
      IBAN: DE55672500200000021911


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Data Privacy Policy

With every access to the internet websites that Heidelberg University Library offers, and with every download the following data is recorded and evaluated for statistical purposes:

  • date
  • time
  • the IP-address reduced to its first three bytes
  • the currently downloaded document
  • the currently downloaded document
  • size of the data (in bytes)
  • HTTP Status Code

Due to the recording of abbreviated IP-addresses it is not possible to create a personalized user-profile.

You may use all publicly accessible sites, without cookies being placed. No other techniques are used to reconstruct the access behaviour of users.

A session cookie is placed only for pages which require registration. It stores the identity of the browser session on your computer, but it is deleted from your computer once you have ended the session in your browser. In subsequent browser sessions the information will no longer be available. It is impossible to make any personal identification.

Heidelberg University Library is a central unit and as such organizationally and legally dependent on Heidelberg University, which as a corporation under public law is a supplier of services in terms of § 2 Nr. 1 TMG and is represented by its Rector. For questions of liability, copyright and data protection see the legal mentions of Heidelberg University.

Heidelberg University Library is not responsible for the contents or the privacy policies of external resources.

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